Rumor: Image suggests new regional forms of legendaries in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

After its announcement in the last Pokémon Presents and tons of recent news, now we have more news about this long-awaited game. As we mentioned, these are the ninth generation games. They will be called Pokemon Scarlet and Purple officially in Spanish and now we have news.

In this case, we bring more information related to a peculiar rumor that comes again from Riddler_Khu. This user claims to have exclusive information about this game and is releasing it little by little.

Now he has posted three images with parts of what appear to be three Pokémon. This has made fans suspect that it would be related to the legendary Pokémon of the game, since the parts seem to correspond to Lugia, Kyogre and Groudonand more specifically, its wing, fin, and claw.

Fans are suspecting that they could soon find out new Legendaries or new regional forms for existing Legendaries like the ones listed above. We will have to be vigilant; Meanwhile, we leave you with the image:

What do you think? Remember that these games correspond to the ninth generation that is already in development, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. They will be released “at the end of 2022” on Nintendo Switch, still without a specific date and you have our full coverage of its premiere here.


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