Rumor: Johnny Depp could return to Pirates of the Caribbean with a contract of more than US $ 300 million

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a clear winner among society, but at the legal level there are still many issues to be resolved, especially if the actress decides to proceed with an appeal considering the unfair and partial verdict. The lawsuit between the two will continue to give something to talk about, but at the moment the actor is in a process of restitution within the industry. As part of this, his fans are hoping that he will return to the role of Jack Sparrow, something that Disney seems to be seriously considering, even if it costs them quite a bit of money to convince him.

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When was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl released? 79%, Depp was already considered a chameleon-like and original actor who always got deeply involved with his characters. The film, in which he shared credits with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, became a huge box office success and allowed not only the creation of a trilogy to end that story, but also a franchise that could depend solely on Jack Sparrow. Although the critics were not very generous with Pirates of the Caribbean: Navigating Strange Waters – 32% and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – 30%, the performer continued to take viewers to movie theaters.

A sixth installment was inevitable, but plans were left up in the air when Depp and Heard’s divorce caused labor havoc. The already famous trial for defamation precisely put this possible sequel as a point of reference and possible evidence of what happened. According to the protagonist of Aquaman – 73%, what he wrote about the actor had nothing to do with the big franchises deciding to let him go and that it was his erratic behavior and excessive drug use that caused his departure. However, Depp assured that both Disney and Warner turned their backs on him not to continue with this proposal and with the Fantastic Beasts tape: Dumbledore’s secrets – 50%, where he was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen.

Long before the verdict was announced, the figure of Johnny Depp he had already found a place of acceptance among the public. Fans who have always been on his side continued to speak out, as new followers joined in and many other personalities spoke out for him publicly for the first time. For many, the jury’s decision is so clear that Disney should do everything possible to reconcile with the actor, despite the fact that he said in his statement that he would not agree to play Sparrow anymore or for all the money in the world. . But what do we consider all the money in the world? According to a new rumor, the company could be seriously thinking about talking to the actor for that sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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A source who works for Disney spoke with poptopic (via The New York Post) and stated that there are indeed some moves being made to see if it is possible for Depp to return once again, something that could be very attractive with the right salary:

the deal [de US$301 millones] it’s for Johnny Depp to come back as Jack Sparrow.

Disney is very interested in fixing her relationship with Johnny Depp. They contacted the actor ahead of his libel trial against Amber Heard and asked if he would be interested in returning for one or two more Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

According to this information, the company not only wants a sixth installment with him as the protagonist, they also want him for an exclusive Disney + series. The source assures that there is already a clear idea for the film and that the aforementioned series could take us to the mysterious past of the character.

Disney hasn’t officially commented, but it’s not the first time something like this has come to light from one of its alleged employees. Shortly after the trial ended, a person assured that the production company was already taking steps to repair its relationship with Johnny Depp, who for years was one of the figures that raised the most money worldwide. However, one cannot forget what the actor said during the trial, so the outlook does not look very favorable. For now, Depp seems more dedicated to his music than to acting, but new offers have been reported for his return to the industry.

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