RUMOR on Fortnite: towards a possible release on Meta Quest?

Fortnite does not natively support VR headsets, however, the latest update mentions the name Oculuswhich could clearly indicate future support VR for this title with 250 million players.


As a reminder, Fortnite is a game ofEpic Games (also responsible for engines UnrealEngine) released in September 2017. This is a free-to-play in which you are parachuted onto a gigantic map and where you will have to fight your opponents by being the last survivor (Top 1). It was this game that popularized the genre Battle Royale (from the film of the same name). The introductions being made, let’s go back to our helmets VR and the possible addition of Fortnite on our Meta Quest favourites. This is Hypex, data miner known to the community, who announces the news on his account Twitter :

Here is the translation of the tweet:

Epic added Oculus-related stuff (Quest, Quest 2, and Mobile) in today’s update. VR support will most likely be available soon…

If Fortnite manages to become a native game on the platform Meta Questas this message suggests, this is likely to cause a great upheaval in the market for VR ! Fortnite on Meta Quest would not only have a chance to eclipse its biggest competitors supporting the VR through a PC, Roblox and Minecraftbut also and above all to offer competition to the experiments VR standalone multiplayer, like Population One (already dubbed the “Fortnite of VR”) and to another extent, games like Horizon Worlds of Meta, Rec Roomor VRChat.

Much more than just a game, Fortnite is a great sandbox, the general press speaks of the title as a potential candidate for the metaverse. The title ofepic may already be considered a Horizon Worlds ahead of time, and more advanced (both in terms of content and form). Indeed, some players gather in the game only to chat, do mini-games, live concerts (Travis Scott, Ariana Grande …), etc. Proof if any that the metaverse does not belong only to Mark Zuckerberg. In conclusion, the arrival of Battle Royale on Quest could make it one of the games VR most popular so far.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Oculus Quest 2 at the house of Bakerthe Fnac, Darty or Amazon for €449.99. You can also find good PCs for gamers there.

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