Rumor: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will have a cameo in The Flash

After so much trouble that Ezra Miller has gotten into, The Flash tape was affected and was postponed for next year. It has been rumored that based on everything that happened with the celebrity, the film suffered several changes in the script and that after his public apologies, Miller has made new scenes for the film. They are currently filming in Los Angeles and coincidentally Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are in town too, which many fans believe means they are there to film a cameo.

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In the economic conditions in which Warner Bros. Discovery finds itself, it is not surprising that they try to float a production that could be a success. Before Ezra Miller lose control, Flash it was seen as the movie that could restore order to the DC Cinematic Universe (DCEU). After the pandemic and the problems caused by Miller, the production company has been trying to fix the tape and get it ready for next year.

What little is known about the plot is that it will adapt the story of flash point, comic where Flash travels to the past to save his mother, creating terrible consequences for all reality. In the first glimpses we had at DC Fandome 2021 of the film, we could see actress Sasha Calle as Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman, as well as two different versions of Flash, both played by Miller.

With the cancellation of the Batgirl movie, people thought that Flash could have the same fate after all the scandals that Ezra Miller starred in months past, but it was not. It seems that the investment in the film and the importance it would have in the DCEU were too great to scrap it and the best thing was to find a way to get it out anyway. They managed to get Miller to apologize publicly and get her to go back to her job to get this pending done.

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Now that they have managed to do new filming and are trying to compose the film, another important factor is to re-create expectations in the public. With Ezra Miller as a protagonist, it is likely that many people will think twice to see Flash And that’s why they have to work hard to make the movie attractive again. Since the film was seen from the beginning with the potential to have many cameos, they may use that factor to attract the public to theaters. On Twitter the user The Flash Movie Updates realized that Gal Gadot, henry cavill Y Ben Affleck The three of them meet in Los Angeles and he suspects that it is no coincidence that they are there just as there is filming of Flash.

Recent sightings in Los Angeles include Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Is it just a coincidence or are they there to participate in the additional filming of The Flash?

Rumors say that the film will undergo many changes and with the statements made by Warner Bros. Discovery it seems that it will be the last thing that Ezra Miller will do for the DCEU. They didn’t look for a replacement at the time because that would mean shooting the movie from scratch and that would cost too much, but they sure did add enough changes for the film to work as Miller’s farewell to the character.

Flash It is scheduled to be released on June 23, 2023 and it will be until then that the cameo of the holy trinity of DC in the film will be confirmed or not. With so many date changes that the film has undergone, many rumors have accumulated around it and there were even alleged leaks of the complete plot.

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