Rumors arise about the actor of the new Superman


A few weeks ago something sad was confirmed for fans of DCGiven the henry cavill issued a statement on his social networks stating that he will no longer continue playing Superman. This due to the new direction that he wants to take James Gunn with said universe, and after this, people have wondered who will be the substitute for such a well-known actor.

Now, new rumors have emerged scattered throughout deuxmoi who mention that the new favorite would already be selected, it would be a certain Australian actor who appeared in a comedy of Netflix and now he is with HBO. That would be neither more nor less than Jacob elordiwho participated in the film by TI have Kissing Booth, as well as in the series Euphoria.


Deuxmoi says that WBD is eyeing Jacob Elordi as Superman from DC_Cinematic

It is worth mentioning that this is a rumor spread on the networks, so it should not be taken as 100% real. Nevertheless, deuxmoi has a good reputation, since he was one of the first sources to mention that lady Gaga was going to be present at joker 2long before the official announcement by Warner Bros. Pictures Y DC comics.

Given this statement on the networks, the fans have not remained silent, so they have already mentioned whether it would be worth it for this actor to play the role of Superman. Here some of them:

Before anyone panics: It’s most likely his agent, who did the same thing months ago claiming he was ready for Bond (he auditioned, sure, but Aaron Taylor Johnson got the part).

Jacob is 100% auditioning, that doesn’t mean Gunn and Safran want him.

He is good . Def has acting chops, he has the structure and personality for it. However, there are other actors with a closer resemblance to the role. He really doesn’t look like Superman now that I look at him.

I feel like Jacob Elordi is a really safe and obvious choice for Superman. He looks like Superman and has the height and build for it. But he is a bit boring.

I feel like James Gunn is going to think outside the box more. If you look at the casting of Star Lord, no one would have thought of Andy from Parks and Rec.

Jacob Elordi is too standard for James Gunn IMO. He could be wrong.

Also, I STRONGLY believe that Gunn is directing this movie. I just don’t see him passing the script from him to another director.

stop please don’t

For now, it has not been confirmed who will have the role of such an important role of the DC template, but it is possible that the news will be revealed a little later through the own James Gunn. It is an uncertainty the chaos they have in HBOwhich is expected to calm down a bit.

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Editor’s note: Whoever the fans are, they are not going to agree with the choice, that is something so common in show business. It also happened with Cavill himself, who was not received in the friendliest way possible in The Man of Steel.

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