Run, they’re flying! Pre-order the Hyrule Special Edition for Nintendo Switch Lite now and don’t miss out.

MediaMarkt has stock of this amazing handheld console and comes with a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

The latest Nintendo Direct left a very good taste in the mouth of all Nintendo fans. Leaving aside the main surprise – the promising Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, the event also announced several games that will be released in the coming months and look very good. One such game is Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, a game in which we will control a princess for the first time. and that it will reach not only stores.

Console – Nintendo Switch Lite, Handheld, Built-in Controls, Hyrule Edition (Gold) + 12 Months of Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription Code)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review.

A new game from one of Nintendo’s star franchises will be accompanied by the launch of a special version of the Nintendo Switch. In this case we will have the new Switch Lite, the smallest in the family. This one has a brutal look, Now it can be reserved on MediaMarkt. priced at 229 euros. Of course, keep in mind that it is likely that he will not keep you waiting long.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has surprised us with a special edition of Zelda, and we already had a very cool edition based on Tears of the Kingdom, one of the best releases of 2023. This is the Lite version of the console called Hyrule Edition. , It is completely golden in colorexcept for the buttons and joysticks, which are black.

Be careful, because while the looks are brutal, that’s not the only thing notable about this version of the Nintendo Switch Lite. In addition to the console, This package includes 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online., which is definitely a plus to consider. The release date for this version is set for September 26, but if we don’t want to be left without it, the best thing we can do is to take advantage of it and reserve it on MediaMarkt.

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*Some prices may have changed since the last review.

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*Some prices may have changed since the last review.

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