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The Minister of Economy and Finance and spokesman for the Board, Carlos Fernández Carriedo.

The Minister of Economy and Finance and spokesman for the Board, Carlos Fernández Carriedohas recognized that there are problems in some clinics such as the area of ​​Sanabria (Zamora) and in some rural areas, something that does not extend to all, but has ensured that The Executive does not waive guaranteeing the right to care by law.

Carlos Fernández Carriedo, after the Governing Council, whose meetings have resumed after two weeks of summer break, has assured that the intention of the Executive is to carry out the Law of Competitiveness and Services in the rural world. However, he has warned that it will mean generating a right that, “whoever governs”, will mean that the Board will have to lend, something that is now complicated given the lack of doctorsespecially in specialties such as Family and Community Medicine, something that he has recalled is not exclusive to Castilla y León, but to the entire country.

Carriedo, who has clarified that there are areas in which the lack is more notable, such as Sanabria, has recalled that the problem in Primary Care and the lack of doctors has been revealed “many times” and was asked to address at the last Conference of Presidents.

In this regard, he recalled that the lack of professionals, which means that there are vacancies that cannot be filled, it gets worse with the holidays to which those who exist are entitled and to the increase in the population in rural areas during the summer season.

Enabling foreign doctors for rural areas

For this reason, he recalled that, as in the case of Sanabria, given the lack of professionals, Free transport has been reinforced for people who cannot go by their own means and it is about avoiding that deficiencies in a specific area do not become a difficulty in accessing the health system.

The spokesman councilor has reiterated that hThere are places that have not been filled because there are no doctors in the whole of Spain and for this reason the Government has been urged to establish mechanisms to avoid it and carry out selective processes or avoid cut-off marks because the Community does not have the power to generate vacancies or enable qualifications for foreign doctors to practice in Spain.

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