Russell Brand told the reason for divorcing the singer

The couple had been married for over a year. Photo: Getty Images

Russell Brand He finally revealed the reason that led him to end his short marriage to Katy Perry more than a decade ago, assuring that the incident happened at a very “chaotic” moment in his life.

The actor made such a confession in the episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The ChallengeWhere she talked about the reason why she called off her marriage with the singer.

Why did Russell Brand leave Katy Perry?

actor who married katy perry In 2010 and lasted 14 months, he said that at that point in his life he did not take things so seriously.

And she assured that while her marriage to the pop star was very public, “he was more in the public eye and working in the United States.”

That time katy perry i was on tour with California Dreams Tour And was one of the most popular singers of that time.

Although she noted that their marriage was very public, she also emphasized that “some aspects of that moment were unbelievable” and noted that Perry “is an incredible person.”

“To be in that cyclonic aspect of fame even for a moment was an incredible thing.”

Russell Brand

But despite living incredible moments together katy perryBrand recalled that it was “kind of a chaotic time for me… I fell apart a little bit.”

The actor asked the singer for a divorce via text message before leaving for a concert, and this is shown in the documentary Katy Perry – Part Of Me.

Years after their separation, the singer said that after he sent her a text message that he would divorce her on December 31, 2011, she did not speak to him.

After her divorce, katy perry she married actor Orlando Bloom and their first daughter was Daisy DoveIn August 2020.

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