Russia and Ukraine: “About 300 people” died in the attack on the Mariupol theater

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Mariupol theater after the March 16 bombing

image source, Reuters


The theater in Mariupol held about 600 civilians, according to Petr Andryuschenko, adviser to the city’s deputy mayor.

An official ukrainian told the BBC that about 300 people were killed in the attack on the theater from Mariupol on March 16.

Petr Andryuschenko, adviser to the deputy mayor of Mariupol, said about 600 people were inside the theater before the attack, 300 of them in the building’s underground shelter.

Andryuschenko, speaking to the BBC World Service radio program Newshour, added that the authorities had been unable to launch a rescue operation because there were street clashes near the theater and Russian troops continued to shell the area.

The official said the death toll was reliable because it was based on a record of who was in the theater before the missile attack, and on conversations with survivors about how many people had managed to leave the building.

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