Russia conducts air defense exercises in the Moscow region | News

Russia announced this Saturday that it carried out air defense exercises in the Moscow region, the capital, to protect its critical infrastructure in case of air strikes in a context of conflict with Ukraine.


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More than 150 troops and more than 30 military teams participated in the exercise, including a battery of S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems, according to the Defense Ministry.

In the exercise, members of the S-300 battery countered the attack of a potential enemy sabotage group against a column of vehicles. After generating a smoke screen, the column managed to get out of the attack, the official statement stated.

Subsequently, the battery crews deployed the S-300 complexes in combat order and entered guard duty.

After discovering the targets, which imitated the flight of aircraft and ballistic missiles, the units launched electronic missiles.

This week photos and videos of unverified authenticity circulated on networks showing vehicles similar to the Pantsir cannon-missile complexes installed on the roofs of some administrative buildings in the Russian capital.

The S-300 air defense system is designed to defend major military installations, troop groups, and administrative and industrial centers from attacks by all types of aircraft and helicopters, cruise missiles, other air attack aerodynamic weapons, aeroballistics, and tactical purposes. of ballistic missiles.

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