Russia defends its attack in Ukraine at the UN and says it does not seek occupation

Russia justified in the UN Security Council its decision to intervene in Ukraine due to the alleged “provocations” of Kiev and the situation of the population of Donbas and stressed that it does not seek an “occupation” of the neighboring country.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasili Nebenzia, stressed that the objective of this “special operation” is “to protect people who have been suffering genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years” and “demilitarize” Ukraine.

Nebenzia spoke during an emergency meeting of the Security Council that was held while in Moscow the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced the beginning of the military intervention.

The diplomat, who transferred part of Putin’s speech to the rest of the countries, stressed that “the occupation of Ukraine is not in the plans” of Russia and assured that the intervention is justified in the United Nations Charter, despite the fact that the Secretary General of the organization, António Guterres, said the opposite today.

In his speech, Nebenzia repeatedly blamed the Ukrainian government for the situation, accusing it of increasing its “provocations” in the east of the country, where Moscow has recognized the self-proclaimed independence of two breakaway republics.

As he said, for Russia the fundamental thing is to protect the population of those areas, while he accused the United States and European countries of ignoring their situation and only being guided by geostrategic interests.

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