Russia is close to taking over Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, according to the UN

The situation in Ukraine is still hopeless in relation to the invasion that the Russian Armed Forces began on February 24, by order of the president of that country, Vladimir Putin. In its seventh day of attacks and attacks on Ukrainian territory, the Russian army seems to be advancing more and more, seeking to besiege and dominate some of the most strategic points of the Ukrainian government, such as nuclear power plants.

For this reason, it is normal for the United Nations Organization (UN) to launch an alert, upon learning that the Russians already have control of the area around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, and that they would be very close to taking control of the same. According to the UN’s nuclear watchdog chief, Rafael Grossi, The plant is working as it has been doing for the last few days and, although the Russians continue to work on taking over this important nuclear center, they were the ones who assured that they would not change the working model within it.

“Radiation levels remain normal,” Russia said in a letter sent to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and collected in a statement published by Grossi.

In the letter, Russia assured that the work inside the plant continued “to provide nuclear security and monitor radiation in the normal mode of operation,” the IAEA detailed.

It should be remembered that the Zaporizhia nuclear plant is the largest in Europe, housing six of the 15 reactors that supply power to all of Ukraine. Also, it is important to remember that in Ukraine there are four active nuclear power plants, which supply about half of the electricity consumed by the countryand several radioactive waste deposits, such as Chernobyl, where the worst nuclear catastrophe in history took place in 1986.

“An accident could have serious consequences for public health and the environment,” insisted Grossi, stressing the “importance” that the teams deployed continue to work normally and “can rest.”

The fall of Chernobyl

For the experts, although there has not yet been a controlled takeover of Zaporizhia by the Russians, it would only be a matter of hours for those sent by Putin to control this nuclear power plant 100%, just as they did with the Chernobyl one, last 24 February.

On Thursday 24, Ukraine announced that Russian forces had seized this important nuclear power plant after fierce fighting on the first day of the Russian offensive against this country that was part of the former Soviet Union.

“After a fierce battle, we lost control of the Chernobyl site,” said Mikhailo Podoliak, chief adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, after the government reported fighting near the nuclear waste depot of the damaged plant in 1986. .

After the loss of control of this area, which is highly contaminated, the state of the plant’s facilities, the cover that isolates the damaged reactor and a deposit for nuclear fuel is unknown, said the senior official.

“After this absolutely senseless attack by the Russians, it is not possible to say that the nuclear plant is safe”Podoliak added.

“This is one of the biggest threats to Europe today,” he said, estimating that the Russians could organize “provocative” activities on the spot to blame Ukraine.

*With information from AFP.

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