Russia: Lagertha in ‘Vikings’ involved in defense

“When the first bombs began to fall on Ukraine, my friend President Zelensky stood up to aggression and became the voice of a nation. When asked by allied countries if he wanted a way out, he replied: ‘I need ammunition, not walk away‘. Weeks after the start of this horrible war, President Zelensky has kept his promise to stay and defend Ukraine”, so now it’s up to the rest to roll up their sleeves.

These words are written in her own handwriting by the actress Katherine Winnickwell known throughout the world as a result of its participation in the successful historical production vikings embodying Lagertha, one of the main protagonists. The interpreter, Canadian by birth with Ukrainian family origins, raises funds to support the resistance to the invasion that Vladimir Putin launched on the neighboring country on February 24, to the astonishment and disbelief of the world.

“Millions of Ukrainians are desperate. They need food, water, blankets, medicine and other basic supplies to survive the ongoing aggression”, continues describing Winnick, who through his foundation collects donations so that Zelenski and his people continue to have an opportunity to resist the Russian offensive in their own country. Since the beginning of the conflict, different Ukrainian personalities with influence abroad have raised their voices about the situation in their country, such as the volleyball player, Yuliya Gerasymova, a true sensation on TikTok.

He explains that since his ancestors are Ukrainians «i knew i had to do something. By donating through the Winnick Foundation, your contribution will help provide the things #ZelenskyNeeds to help the Ukrainian people until this humanitarian crisis comes to an end. Your support is greatly appreciated”, collects the space on the internet for this collection.

The question that arises is logical. What does Zelensky need to defend Ukraine from Russian attack? Beyond the supply of bullets and missiles, which Western governments are already in charge of, civil society moves to protect women and children, the most affected by the invasion. Thus, the Winnick foundation collaborates with a series of partners recognized international organizations in matters of assistance to humanitarian crises and cooperation for development, such as Save the Children, Ukrainian World Congress, International Rescue Committee and CORE Response.

“Through The Winnick Foundation and working with these partners, your donations will go directly to help people still in Ukraine and those who have fled of violence”, giving them coverage and assistance in terms of basic resources in neighboring Poland, where a large part of the millions of refugees that this war has generated have arrived.

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