Russia would have thought of creating a game publisher to revive the gaming industry in the country

the gaming industry Russia is not having the best moment in its history, in fact, quite the opposite, this is because many international companies have withdrawn from the country, due to the various attacks on Ukraine. The Russian government does not intend to give up on this sector, and in recent meetings the proposal to create a game publisher to mobilize the release of Russian games, it is gaining strength.

You can read: If they started developing a AAA game today, it would be released on PS6 and if it was indie, it would be released on PS7.

Thanks to what has been collected by PC Gamer we know that according to the Russian news site Kommersant, representatives of the gaming industry had a meeting with the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia the December 15 to discuss “The gaming industry of the future”. Among the proposals, the main one is to produce a “Russian Electronic Arts to help expedite the release of high-quality Russian games.” The idea is to establish “Rosme”which was described as a center for the “strategic development” of the Russian games industry, focusing on “industry regeneration and development” as well as “game development and publishing”.

There are three possible scenarios for the future, the “stabilization scenario”, which calls for an investment of $7 billion for Russia to be one of the top 20 video game developing countries again by 2030. An “ambitious scenario” that requires $20 billion to create a breakthrough in the industry. Finally, the most expensive of all the “leadership scenario”, $50 billionto turn “Rosgame” into a “soft power tool”, producing games that are big enough to influence the world’s perception of Russia.

In any case, nothing is certain yet, since Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Tourism, Sports, Culture and Communications, Dmitry ChernyshenkoHe said no decisions have been made and it is currently unknown how the $7 billion proposal would receive funding. In this regard, we can highlight how interesting the gaming industry is for Russian ministers.

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