Russian and world stars condemn the war in Ukraine

Singers, actors and other artists from all over the world, including Russians, condemn in unison the war waged against Ukraine and call, putting their careers at risk, for peace between the two countries, against the Kremlin’s doctrine.

“Fear and pain. No to war,” Ivan Urgant, a smiling host of Russian afternoon TV shows, posted on Instagram.

oxxxymironthe most popular rapper in the country, declared in a video that he was “against this war that Russia is unleashing against Ukraine”, calling it “a catastrophe and a crime”.

“There can be no just war. No to war,” comedian Maxime Galkine reacted on Instagram.

“History has known many dark days. But today it is even darker,” tweeted Yan Nepomniachtchi, Russia’s best chess player, on the day of the Russian intervention.

Elena Tchernenkocorrespondent for Kommersant, a newspaper considered close to power, organized a petition against the war, signed by a hundred people.

The situation differs considerably from 2014, when Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. At that time, hundreds of artists, but not all, agreed to sign a petition organized by the Ministry of Culture to support the operation.

This time the support shown, despite the environmental pressure, is much more fragile.

On Thursday, several thousands of russians demonstrated just hours after the invasion of its western neighbor, some 1,800 of whom were detained by Moscow, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The national stars did not cross the red line since they did not directly mention the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who decided this war.

But that did not prevent Ivan Urgant’s show from being canceled on Friday, officially due to grid changes related to the current situation, according to a statement from the public channel Pervy Kanal, which employs him, to the Interfax agency.

To journalist Elena Tchernenko His accreditation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was withdrawn due to “lack of professionalism,” he reported on Telegram.

Overwhelming majority in favor of Ukraine

Less threatened, planetary celebrities sided with Ukraine by an overwhelming majority.

The AAmerican actor and director Sean Penn He is in Kiev, where he came to shoot a documentary to “tell the world the truth about the invasion of our country by Russia,” said the Ukrainian presidency, praising his “courage.”

“I support Ukraine,” tweeted the actor Ashton Kutcherwhose wife, actress Mila Kunis, was born in Ukraine.

“You don’t have to sit idly by when a big kid hits a little one,” he said. novelist Stephen King. Not distancing oneself from Putin’s attack becomes a problem even for Russian artists.

The famous conductor Valery Guergievknown for his warm ties to the Kremlin and for a concert in Palmyra, Syria, with Russian forces, was suddenly sidelined Thursday at New York’s Carnegie Hall, where he was to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic.

Expressing understanding for the reasons invoked by Moscow for invading its neighbor is also a source of trouble for Western politicians.

The former French Prime Minister François Fillona member of the board of directors of the Russian petrochemical giant Sibur, was heavily criticized for having written that “the refusal of the Westerners to take into account the Russian demands on the expansion of NATO, leads to a dangerous confrontation that could have been avoided”.

The former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, chairman of the board of Russian state oil giant Rosneft, also gnashed his teeth in Germany. While he condemned the war on LinkedIn, he suggested “many mistakes” were made “on both sides” by Russia and the West in recent years.

The French actor Gerard Depardieu he still didn’t react, although he was visibly less worried in recent weeks.

He, who took Russian nationality in 2013, posted a photo of himself kissing President Putin on Instagram in mid-February with the caption “Friendship.”

“Leave Vladimir alone. Anyway, we don’t know what’s going on. Ukraine was always a problem for Russia”, he added in a television program.

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