Russian tycoon of a Flying Fox yacht in port of San Soucí

Official sources confirmed this Friday that the flying fox yachtwhich has been moored for several days at the don diego portin Sans Soucí, belongs to a russian tycoonAlthough they did not reveal his name.

The departure of the ship from the Dominican port was scheduled for this Friday, but was held by the United States Department of Homeland Security Investigations (Homeland Security Investigations, HSI) who wears a research on terrorist and transnational criminal organizations that threaten or seek to exploit the customs and immigration laws of the United States.

“The ship will remain in port for the duration of the research“, the source specified Free Journal.

This investigative work is carried out in parallel in other countries where Russian citizens have boats.

the luxurious I already docked in the Dominican Republic on Monday night. According to the Dominican Port Authority, the flying fox arrived in Santo Domingo from The Roman a program stays between 21 to March 25 in order to replenish food, fuel and sanitized.

The flying fox It has a length of 136 meters, a draft of 5.6 meters and the Cayman Islands flag.

This week Free Journal echoed the boat is among identified as owned by Russian businessmen through offshore companies. Forbes indicates that it belongs to Dmitry Kamenshchik.

According to Forbes, Kamenshchik has a net worth of $1.9 billion. His beginnings in air transport date back to 1992, when he rented a plane to transport goods from China to Moscow when he was a philosophy student.

Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, owned by Kamenshchik, handled some 30.7 million passengers in 2017, according to the magazine.

Russian authorities arrested Kamenshchik on charges related to security measures at the airport at the time of a terrorist attack in 2011. Five years later, a Moscow court decided to release the businessman from house arrest.

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It may interest you

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