Ryan Castro, the singer of the Ghetto has already broken borders

Ryan Castro, who started in music from scratch, from the lowest rung, singing on the Circular Sur buses in Medellín, is today one of the most recognized reggaeton artists.

He toured the United States, goes to summer festivals in Europe, recorded a song with J Balvin and will have a concert tour alongside Blessd, another of the new figures of the urban genre in Medellín.

Known as “The singer of the Ghetto”, Ryan Castro (Bryan Castro Sosa) spoke with EL COLOMBIANO about the single Q’ There was Baby and of the moment he is living in music.

How do you assimilate what is happening with your career?

“It’s nice because when you add successes in your career, you do things well and positive things appear, you enjoy them a lot, but when so many happen at the same time, sometimes it’s complex to assimilate.”

You have been in music for many years, did you ever doubt to achieve what you have today?

“Music careers have their ups and downs where there are dark and sad moments when you feel discouraged, but there is always something that motivates you, that keeps the flame of music alive and burning.”

How did the US tour go?

“There were four dates, what I did was practically release the visa, I was in Miami and New York, people received me with a lot of love, more than I expected. I went to work, to sow there and I found that my songs were super glued, I return in September with a consolidated tour with 30 dates”.

How about the experience in Australia?

“There are hardly any reggaeton singers there, the last one had been J Balvin about 10 years ago, that’s too far away (laughs…), I did three full shows, there are a lot of Colombians and Latinos who enjoy reggaeton. Very happy to find so many Colombians far away, resisting and working to support his families, very proud to bring him my music, I want to return, but I don’t know when, because it’s very far… (laughs)”.

How do you receive the success that the theme is having What was there baby?

“Almost all my songs are different. “Jordan” It was much more urban Womanizer more meringue, while “Wasa Wasa” is more reggaeton and “Q’ there was a baby” it is more romantic. People have received her with a lot of love, we bet on that talk of Medellin, there is nothing more paisa than “Q’ there was a baby”, so I wanted to give it that romanticism of ours. My songs are so different that sometimes people don’t know they’re mine when they first hear them.”

He was recording with J Balvin in New York, is a song coming?

“We almost went out with the song next to Balvin, Jose is a super person who has helped me a lot with advice about music and life. We already recorded, we made the song, it was a wonderful experience, we had a great time. The theme will be a success, I know that people will enjoy it because it is pure Colombia.

I am very grateful to Balvin for giving me the opportunity to learn from him, from his experiences”. n

How did the idea of ​​incorporating so many sayings and paisa words in your songs come about?

“It cannot be denied that we are raised by the reggaeton of Puerto Rico, by the Boricua culture, and we use many of their words in the songs, so much so that many new singers end up speaking with their accent, but fortunately now the genre in Colombia is appropriating our sayings, what is happening in the neighborhoods, that is what the world is listening to, so much so that it is already the Puerto Ricans who are using our words in their songs.

I am very Colombian, super paisa, I love expressing the culture of the neighborhood and letting myself be seen as I am”.

What will the tour be like next to Blessd, which will have its date in Medellín in September?

“Blessd and I have known each other for a couple of years, we started the race almost together, when neither of us sounded or was successful, and seeing everything we have achieved today is very nice and positive. Working with discipline and love great things are achieved.

The show and the complete tour with Blessd is going to be quite a show, an unforgettable experience to give back all that love they give us”.

What’s next in your career?

“Apart from the tour of the United States, I will be in Europe at the summer festivals, there is a lot of music coming, I am working on my album “El cantante del guetto”, I have never released a complete album, I still don’t have a date for it, I don’t want to commit . Traveling around the world is coming, which is what I enjoy the most, singing everywhere, taking my music to every corner”.

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