Ryan Gosling reappears with an unexpected new look to play “Ken” in the Barbie movie

The new movie of Barbiethe popular doll, starring margot robbie and directed by Greta Gerwighas been a mystery, since details of the plot and who the other cast members will be.

Little by little, new names have come to light that would participate in this production and one of the last confirmed was the actor Ryan Gosling. The interpreter has participated in important films such as La La Land and Bladerunner.

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But after keeping several of the details of Barbieit was finally possible to capture the Ryan Gosling’s new lookwho will play Ken.

The actor left behind his classic blonde to immerse yourself in the role and have a “platinum hair”

Meanwhile, according to the magazine fashionthe film will deal with “a doll Barbie who is expelled from barbie land for not being perfect enough and then embarks on an adventure in the real world.”

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