Ryan Gosling will be Ken in Barbie / But the film with Margot Robbie remains top secret

The charming Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, will play the role of Ken in the live action movie about Barbie. After a long search, as reported by Cosmopolitan, the 40-year-old actor from London was chosen to work alongside Margot Robbie, which will play the famous Mattel toy. According to what emerged, Ryan Gosling had initially rejected the proposal, given a series of commitments, but after the production of the film went beyond the expected, he decided to accept the offer, falling into this curious and unprecedented role.

The Barbie plot remains top secret, but Margot Robbie tried to give some little anticipation, and recently speaking in an interview he revealed: “Whatever you’re thinking we’ll give you something completely different, something you didn’t know you wanted.” Curious how even for the role of Barbie there was some rejection, precisely Anna Hathaway and Amy Schumer, before entrusting the same to the heroine of Suicide Suad, who became very famous after The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Di Caprio.


Directing instead, the clever mind of Greta Gerwing, already known for her excellent works with Lady Bird and Little Women with Timothée Chalamet, which we are sure will not disappoint expectations, packaging a product that is anything but trivial.

We are also curious to know which part will be entrusted to the husband of Eva Mendez, “endowed with an indisputable but not obvious beauty – comments Cosmopolitan – which fits perfectly with the idea that the Gerwing of Barbie’s boyfriend has”. Gosling has behind him many successful films such as La La Land, Drive, The Nice Guys and Half Nelson, and recently concluded the shooting of a Netflix thriller movie in which he plays the role of a CIA agent forced to become a fugitive after being betrayed by a person close to him.


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