Ryan Reynolds’ tender message of love for his birthday

Blake Lively She is one of the most famous and successful actresses who has starred in the most memorable movies and series such as Deep Fear and Gossip Girl.

The famous one besides being a great actress, is an excellent mother, and has formed a beautiful family with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.

The couple has become one of the favorites of the entertainment world, and they constantly show through the networks how much they love each other and how well they get along after 10 years of marriage.

Recently, Blake Lively turned 35 and her husband congratulated her on networks, revealing that he is the most loving of all.

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The romantic congratulations of Ryan Reynolds to Blake Lively on his birthday

Ryan Reynolds shared some adorable never-before-seen photos with his wife Blake Lively, showing how happy and fun they are.

“Happy birthday, @blakelively. You are spectacular. I’m not sure if you were born or invented. Also, thank you for urging me to leave the house from time to time, ”said the actor, revealing that he is the perfect man.

Given this, the fans died of love, as well as the actress herself, who reacted with some emoticons of love “😊😊♥️ my boy 🫶”.

Ryan Reynolds has been characterized by his charisma and personality not only in real life but also in acting, where he injects something original into each of his characters as in Deadpool and Free Guy.

The couple has three beautiful children, Inez, 5 years old, James, 7, and Betty, only two years old, and although they do not show them on networks, they are as beautiful as their parents.

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Blake and Ryan prove that true and sincere love exists, and show that romantic details should never be left out when you love someone, giving lessons.

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