s1mple, ZywOo and more elegem torcida brasileira como a melhor do CS: ‘It’s like our footballers’

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“Sad for the body, but sad for the process,” said Guerri after the elimination of FURIA by IEM Rio

Coach of the Falou team before the public and adjustments for the Paris Major

EITHER Counterattack It is one of the most well-known electronic sports games that has ever been made in the red world. For those who accompany us SPF of Valve, is not new to the game Paixão da torcida brasileira and in the heat of our events held only in tupiniquim. Asked during an interview by ESL, big names of the CS like Oleksandr”simple“, Matthew “Zywoo“, Joaquin “jkaem” and other athletes crown the twisted green-yellow as the best in the world.

The first to fire the Counter-Strike torches that were once attached to the red of the world is the simple star, ex-Natus Vincere. For two older CS:GO players who have been playing for more than 10 years, the Ukrainian compares the energy of Brazilian footballers to football matches.

“It’s definitely Brazil. The energy they put in is very incredible, it’s like our soccer games,” a simple comment in which we participate so much. IEM Major Rio 2022 how much do I give IEM Rio 2023.

IEM Rio 2023 Championship coming from Team vitalityZywOo also removes the green cheese twist when making the most “loucos” Counterattack. Also participating in both events held in Rio de Janeiro between 2022 and 2023, the French will leave Brazil before our first big stages.

“The Brazilians, because when we arrived in Rio, we were crazy at the IEM Rio 2023. The Major was not even in the playoffs and we were there writhing, screaming loudly and (like in the arena) screaming. I would say os brasileiros, eles são loucos (pelo jogo)”, says ZywOo.

It is valid to point out that the language used by gamers does not carry the meaning of “pathological alterations of mental faculties”, they are much more animated, happy and with a lot of energy.

Even considering one of the most heartfelt turns in the world, Brazilians also receive criticism for toxicity at times. Jkaem, da apeksAdditionally, we take into consideration criticism from Brazilian farmers on our social networks and any negative thoughts spread by the environmental community.

“The craziest thing about CS:GO is certainly true for the Brazilians, both on the good side and on the loud side. They like it a lot, they are very good and they always support in these times,” observed Jkaem. .

Mynio, da 9INEwho discussed the IEM Rio 2023 was more timid and concise in his response, but also chose the Brazilians as the best: “O Brazil. We (9INE) spend the summer in Rio and we are ‘loucos’, it is O Brazil.”

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