Sabrina Carpenter Breaks Down Her Journey Through Taylor Swift’s Erasure Tour

Taylor Swift is the main character of The Eras Tour, It doesn’t matter whether it is in USA, Europe, Asia or Latin America, anywhere your Swifties wait for hours to see their favorite artist shine on the stage. However, since the first show at the Foro Sol in Mexico City on Thursday, August 24, another singer has managed to capture the attention of the young people present: Sabrina Carpenterwho have been chosen as the opening act for Swift’s tour in Latin America.

The singer-songwriter behind hits like ‘Lover’ appears on stage at The Eras Tour as early as 9:00 p.m., a moment her fans have been waiting for several hours in advance. It is in this context that, in an effort to quell the anxiety and ease the wait, Sabrina Carpenter appears on stage, specifically around 7:20 p.m., when the building’s screens display posters advertising television shows. transforms the The actress, who like the star of the show, is making her debut in Aztec land, also heads to Taylor’s scenes.

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Dressed in her classic bright and sensuous attire, Sabrina began her concert with gusto and irrepressible energy to perform a slew of songs from her latest album “Emails I Can’t Send”, which will hit her audience on July 15, 2022. Reached And many of his songs went viral on TikTok, such as ‘Because I Liked a Boy’, ‘Vicious’ and ‘Nonsense’, a clear favorite of his fans.

Sabrina has been in charge of expressing her fanaticism towards Taylor Swift on several occasions, even remembering a video during the opening show of The Eraze Tour with which she started her career in the entertainment industry, the one in which she could He saw himself at the age of ten performing the song “Picture to Burn” from the Pennsylvania-born artist’s debut studio album.

However, Carpenter’s choice as the opening act caused a stir on social networks, especially among fans of Olivia Rodrigo, who had achieved fame as a Swiftie icon and even a relationship with the artist. had established, which had apparently fallen apart. , Sabrina and Olivia have been at odds with the press for participating in an alleged love triangle with actor and singer Joshua Bassett, with whom the two may have been in a relationship.

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