Safira Prive Rivas, new beauty center in Rivas that offers all types of treatments

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In the past few years, skin care has become a priority aspect for a large part of the society and with this, the field has become more and more professionalised. An example of this is the Saphira Prive Rivas, a beauty and aesthetic medicine center in Rivas, which brings together collegiate doctors and professionals in the beauty sector with the aim of offering comprehensive skin care through treatments performed with the most advanced technology and the best products. Is. market cosmetics. In this center women and men will find essential facial and body treatments to achieve excellent health and physical appearance.

Conscious and Personalized Care

“Our philosophy is based on conscious care and a sustainable way of life to achieve an active and healthy physical and emotional balance. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and our lifestyle is the most important way. It is in our hands to preserve and improve it”, highlighted the founder of Safira Privé in Rivas. Virginia Sanchez Segovia,

Located at Pablo Iglesias 78, Safira Prive Rivas is a comfortable space, designed with professional criteria to provide high quality care. Four beauty cabins with state-of-the-art equipment, one aesthetic medicine cabinet and one consultation coach Nutritionists are available to apply the most innovative treatments tailored to each patient.

facial and body treatments

The first visit to the center will allow the medical team to free evaluation To determine the appropriate facial or body treatment. For him rejuvenation and beauty of the face, Saffira Privé offers a variety of treatments with incredible results to eliminate or reduce expression lines, hydrate or change the shape of the area.

between processes with equipment, multipolar facial radiofrequency laser rejuvenation and the use of dermapen To apply products like Vitamin C, anti-aging agents, moisturizers and more. Similarly, the team of beauticians apply techniques microblading And micropigmentation For eyebrows, lips and other areas.

He peel chemical and facial oxygenation, which detoxifies the skin and renews cell tissue, are procedures that are also recommended by Safira Privé experts to reveal a clear and youthful face. Another state-of-the-art procedure for face and body Safira Duplo Triwave Laser For whitening all skin types.

As far as body treatments are concerned, the Aesthetic Medicine Center has equipment capable of shaping the figure, eliminating accumulated fat or toxins in the body, and providing firmness. lymphatic drainage massage, relaxing or compressive massage and wood therapy are combined with phytotherapySo that patients can notice the effect of the essential active ingredients.

As far as body equipment is concerned, the Safira Priv gets similar options. Radiofrequency, Lipolytic Laser, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis and Pressotherapy. These treatments, painless and without any side effects, fight cellulite or orange peel skin, sagging and other problems.

At Saffira Privé Rivas, patients will receive a precise and effective response to each of their wellness and beauty needs.

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