Sailor Chibi Moon, Daniella Chávez Is Attractive and More


The beautiful Chilean singer Daniella Chávez became the emblematic Sailor Chibi Moon, but quite risqué, because she was not only attractive but also showed more

Inspiring beauty! The beautiful Chilean Daniella Chávez stole hundreds of sighs on social networks by becoming nothing more and nothing less than one of the most beloved characters of Sailor Moon,  Sailor Chibi Moon.

The singer decided to delight her followers on Instagram with a photoshoot and video in which she can be seen giving life to the beautiful anime character. Daniella Chávez transformed into Chibi Moon with a long pink wig and her characteristic “conduits”. 

The beautiful Televisa commentator complemented the costume of the famous character with clothes in her own way, since a huge neckline can be seen from the front, leaving her curves insight and a very short pink skirt complemented her outfit. 


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Daniella Chávez carried out various poses as a said character, but definitely, the favorite photograph of Internet users is the one in which the influencer also posed in profile and made it clear that her skirt did not cover even the most essential, leaving her enormous charms in view of the camera and social media. 

But something that everyone who follows this beautiful woman also liked very much is the message that he wrote next to the images, Chávez invited everyone to live their life to the fullest since he assures, anyway, they will talk. 

Sailor Chibi Moon ♥ ️ And remember to Live, Smile, cry, Dance, Love, Fly, Fail, F …
Do whatever you want without caring for anything, that Life is only one and the people criticize too much !.


This photoshoot was shared by Dany on her social networks in November 2020, where she got more than 100,000 reactions and of course, the comment box was filled with compliments for this talented woman. 

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