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carlos salcedocentral defense of the Juarez Bravesrevealed the real reason why he decided to leave European football and return to the MX League. The former national team shared that the fact of not having a community passport it complicated things and led him to leave the Old Continent.

The economic is important: Salcedo

“No, the truth is that I do not regret it, at times there (Europe) I suffered a lot of frustration. The Mexican player goes a bit down when it comes to competing with a European player in a matter of passport. I came from doing things well, from having a wonderful year with him. Frankfurtbeing a starter for almost the entire tournament, to become champion of the German Cup and then the World Cup came,” Salcedo told Fox Sports.

The Titan expressed that he is glad to see his ex-colleagues doing things well with him eintracht frankfurt and fight for important things. Nevertheless, Salcedo He accepted that the economic aspect is also important and influenced his decision to sign for tigersadded to the fact that despite having excelled in European football, he never had the option of making the leap to another team due to the community passport.

“Economic is also important, I don’t regret it. At that time Miguel Angel Garza and the youorca Ferretti they offered me to return to tigers and although it was a difficult decision, I ended up making it because despite those almost four years that I did very well in EuropeI never had that option to go to another team for the community passport”.

carlos salcedo clarified that several teams from the Old continent They asked for him, however, no move could be made due to his passport. Finally, the Titan clarified that both he and his family they feel “very happy” in Mexico It is a country that has always treated them wonderfully. Although he does not rule out the option that he can play in another country.

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