Salerno: “Art in quarantine” archives the Covid dramas


The covid? Tragic experience for society and a splendid opportunity to renew art, technique, creativity, which had never been so segregated and above all in a collective restriction never seen before and which we have renamed with the term lock-down.

From this unique experience comes the TGCOM24 column, director Paolo Liguori, which took the proposal of the manager Art and event organizer Except Nugnes. In those days of total closure he toured Italy to create a column for TCOM24 with the testimonies of famous people who in those days told their moments of life in those long moments of necessary self-closure. And it is at the end of this television journey that the idea of ​​an art catalog never seen before was born.

It is called “Art in quarantine” and it is a volume that collects the artistic testimonies of great international stars, such as Federico Fellini, Gina Lollobrigida, Amanda Lear, Romina Power, Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp, with pictorial and photographic works. And to confirm that art is also democratic, with these great names there are also the works of emerging artists in succession.

All together, therefore, in the same volume embellished by the contribution in terms of criticism and comments, by art and culture specialists such as the great sociologist Francesco Alberoni, the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the psychiatrist and columnist Alessandro Meluzzi, the president of the “Vittoriale di D’Annunzio” Giordano Bruno Guerri, the psychologist and writer Maria Rita Parsi, Silvana Giacobini, journalist and former editor of “Chi” and “Diva e Donna” and many other publications. Among these signatures of jetset there is also the director of TGCOM Paolo Liguori, who has endorsed, first on a television level, the creation of the column “Art in quaratena” and then the creation of the catalog bearing the same title. «A unique book of its kind and of which I am proud of it», remarks Liguori.

A catalog presented days ago in the splendid setting of the Castle of Arechi in Salerno, the manor that towers over the city and its gulf from the top of a hill that exceeds 300 meters above the sea.


On that occasion, in addition to Nugnes, a skilled weaver of filrouge of the evening, the artists gathered and at the speakers’ table there were the president “Re D’Italia Art” (sponsor of Salerno Calcio), Marco Giordano and the poetess and journalist, Irene Catarella, awarded, among others, the Fine Arts Award (third edition). The journalist Eustachio Cazzorla he read some poems related to the theme of violence against women, written by the talented poet Catarella, taken from her latest book “#Cantoanima”.

During the evening, other international awards were awarded to artists from the world of painting, poetry, photography and sculpture, in collaboration with the Academies of Fine Arts.


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