Salma Hayek breaks the codes at the 2023 Golden Globes disheveled, with a bra, black manicure and Pulparindo in hand

Like all women, Salma Hayek is much more than a set of figures –an age, a height, a weight, some measurements…– and he loves to remind us; the last occasion took place on the occasion of the 2023 Golden Globes. For this reason, although she is far from twenty, she is still the absolute queen of bikini photos and a beauty without makeup or other dressings. Like many women her age, she possesses a stunning physique, only she flaunts it regardless of the aforementioned set of figures, which often puts us off when choosing our makeup or clothes.

Generation Z aesthetic codes

For all this, we applaud the fact that, at the age of 56, Salma Hayek has come to present the 2023 Golden Globes dressed in a tailored bodice (of course, from Gucci), wearing a messy hair antithetical to the collected classics that stand out in events of this type and black manicure as a final touch. In short, three keys that define the generation Z gala lookcommon to many guests at the party Vanity Fair Post-Oscars 2022.

Not surprisingly, last night he worked with mary phillips (Kendall Jenner’s regular makeup artist), Jennifer Yepez (the hairdresser she shares with Blake Lively or Emily Ratajkowski) and Rebecca Corbin-Murray (the stylist who dresses Florence Pugh). Between the three of them, they gave Hayek a rejuvenating and relaxed touch that, paradoxically, enhanced the glamorous dress.

The viral candy

But beyond her gothic manicure, what ended up dazzling the public was the Pulparindo from La Rosa which he held in his left hand while chatting with the media, in the company of the American actor Harvey Guillén. Although it may seem like it, it is not a chocolate bar or a bar, but a mexican candy of salty and enchilado tamarind that Salma Hayek proudly waves in front of the cameras. There is no talk on Twitter of anything else (Here you can see the video), with comments praising his good taste, simplicity and support for his homeland. From here, we subscribe to them.

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