Salma Hayek Celebrates Her Daughter Valentina’s Sweet 16 – She Knows

Salma Hayek is one proud mom. She’s celebrating her daughter Valentina’s sweet 16 years with a heartfelt tribute and the most adorable throwback photos and videos.

“Today my baby turns 16 and my heart is bursting with love, pride and gratitude for the day you were born,” Hayek wrote in an Instagram video set to Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” ” “My dear girl, keep shining your beautiful light shamelessly, even if it blinds the fools.”

magic mike’s last dance The star continued, “For those of us who are so lucky to have you in our lives, thank you for making us stronger with your courage. To fill our lives with laughter and happiness with your wicked wisdom. To challenge us to move forward with our depths. And to inspire us every day with your intimacy.”

She then wished Valentina, who she shares with husband François-Henri Pinault, a happy birthday. “May this be the sweetest year ever! ♥️” she added.

The video begins with an adorable Valentina as a little girl, wearing button-down pajamas, singing “I Love You.” Barney. There are tons of old clips of the little girl smiling with her mom, going to Disneyland, dancing, spinning, hugging, and eating birthday cake. There’s even a photo of him meeting Taylor Swift!

Zoe Saldana commented on the sweet post, “Happy Birthday Valentina, beautiful and blessed!!! “We love you so much little one.”

Others also sent their best wishes. One person wrote, “This is so cute!! 🥹 Happy Birthday Valentina!! 🎂🎊💚” Another said, “Beautiful 🙏🏼 She’s just like you!!❤️👍🏼”

Salma Hayek and Valentina Paloma Pinault
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Frieda The star and her daughter have made several appearances together over the years. During Gucci’s Milan fashion show in February 2023, his daughter appeared with a shocking new blonde hairstyle, similar to the one she also wore at Annual Academy Awards. She is now almost as tall as her mother and looks just as glamorous.

Hayek’s video reminds us how much Valentina has grown, and we love to see that their bond is as strong as ever!

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