Salma Hayek enjoys a cup of coffee in a plunging swimsuit

Actress Salma Hayek She’s rocking a curve-hugging black swimsuit while enjoying her Mexico vacation to the fullest!

The “Frida” star has been rocking some seriously steamy swimsuits these past few months and her latest post was no exception!

Salma Hayek in black swimsuit asks ‘Who likes coffee?’

Salma Hayek in a plunging black swimsuit
Instagram | Salma Hayek

On Wednesday afternoon, the “House of Gucci” actress shared a stunning photo on Instagram of herself relaxing in the sun in a plunging black swimsuit. She holds a white mug in one hand and hides her face behind dark sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. She wore open toe sandals to show off her pedicure and showed off her summer tan for the shot.

“Who likes coffee?” He asked in the caption, “Who likes coffee?” Fans praised her for “beautiful” and “stunning” on the post, but perhaps the best was “Avatar” actress Zoe Saldana’s comment, writing, “I need to get myself a pair of coffee mugs like yours.”

Forget coffee… what about a margarita?

Salma Hayek in plunging swimsuit says 'margaritas taste better in Mexico'
Instagram | Salma Hayek

Less than a week ago, Marvel’s “Eternals” actress shared a sizzling photo on Instagram of herself enjoying a margarita in a teal one-piece bathing suit. She is again hiding her eyes behind dark sunglasses and letting her black hair fall around her face in loose waves. She’s smiling for the shot as she raises a cocktail in one hand, and flaunts a gorgeous view of the ocean in the background.

In the caption, Salma wrote, “Margaritas taste better in Mexico,” adding, “Margaritas know better in Mexico.” One fan wrote, “Even your smile is more beautiful in Mexico. Everything is better in Mexico. It’s like giving your brain a spa day.” While another follower gushed, “You look alike from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.”

Salma Hayek is also looking very beautiful in pink

Salma Hayek in pink swimsuit
Instagram | Salma Hayek

Late last month, the “From Dusk Till Dawn” actress shared another Instagram post that showed her sunbathing in a “Barbie” pink swimsuit. It looks like she has been swimming for a long time as she is pushing her wet hair away from her face with both hands. While posing for the photo, she has one eye closed and is standing only in waist-deep water. However, the water is so clear that fans can see her bare feet on the rocky sea floor.

In the caption of this Instagram post, Salma wrote, “Enjoyed the great blessings of sun 🌞 water 💧 & love ❤️ #grateful.” He then added, “I enjoyed the great blessings of sun, water and love #grateful.”

Salma is looking very beautiful in blue bikini

Salma Hayek brightens up a bad day in a bikini
Instagram | Salma Hayek

It seems that Salma loves to spend a lot of time in and around the water. In another Instagram post, she was seen sitting on the edge of a yacht and flaunting her flawless figure. She is again wearing sunglasses and her black hair is tied back from her face. In this photo, she’s ditched her one-piece bathing suit and instead dons a blue bikini that looks like a contrast to her summer tan.

In the caption of this Instagram post, Salma wrote, “Some people don’t like gray days, but I think every day is precious.” Enjoy your week no matter what it brings” along with a red heart emoji. Reiterating his message in Spanish, he wrote, “Some people don’t like bad days, but I believe every day is a blessing. Love your week no matter what it brings.

Salma Hayek knew exactly how to celebrate 25 million followers on Instagram!

Salma Hayek is celebrating National Bikini Day in boob busting vintage bikini
Instagram | Salma Hayek

To celebrate her achievement of 25 million followers, she shared a video on Instagram of herself splashing around in the water in a vintage bikini. He kicked his feet into the water, clapped his arms together, and eventually rested his head on the edge of the pool.

“I can’t believe it, 25 million followers! Many thanks to each and every one of you. Seeing that you all love my bikini pictures the most, here is a bikini workout for all of you,” she wrote in the caption. “I hate exercising—but I love celebrating the good times by dancing in the water. I am truly grateful and grateful for all your love and support.

She repeated her message in Spanish, writing, “I can’t believe it, 25 million followers! Many thanks to each one of you. Since her favorite picture is bikini, so here I am sharing bikini exercise routine, here is bikini job for all of you. I hate working out, but I love celebrating the good times by dancing in the water. I am truly grateful and grateful for all your support and love.”

Fans can watch the video below:

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