Salman Rushdie was attacked on a stage in New York when he was going to give a conference

The writer Salman Rushdie was attacked this Friday on stage when he was participating in an act in Chautauqua, a town six hours west of the city of New Yorklocal media reported.

According to initial information, the Indian-British author, threatened with death by the Iranian government for his writings since 1988, was stabbed and his condition is currently unknown. In photographs and videos published on social networks, the writer can be seen on the ground being treated by medical personnel.

Via Twitter, the writer Carl LeVanwho claimed to have witnessed the attack, said that Rushdie he was “stabbed several times before the attacker was subdued by security”.

“We are deeply concerned by the news that the former president of PEN America, Salman Rushdie, was attacked today just before giving a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. We condemn the attack and wish him a speedy recovery,” he said through Twitter PEN International, an association of writers that defends freedom of expression and the press.

Salman Rushdie’s career

Salman Rushdie75, became world famous in the 1980s, after his novel the satanic verses sparked protests in the Muslim world. He was the subject of a fatwa (religious decree) in Iran that sentenced him to death for blasphemy and forced him to spend years in hiding after the publication of his controversial book.

The work, a novel in which fiction is combined with philosophical reflection and a sense of humor, aroused the ire of Shia Muslims who considered it an insult to the Koran, Muhammad and the Islamic faith, and was banned in India. , Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

For about two decades salman Rushdiewho for decades has lived under the protection of bodyguards, resides in the city of New York and today he was scheduled to give a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution, a cultural center located in western New York state. (With information from EFE)

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