Salomón Nazar reminds them that “in Marathón four years ago nothing was won” and that “this is not a super team”


TO Solomon Nazar they are not in a hurry. The teacher trusts the work that he is doing in front of the marathon and therefore is not obfuscated by the criticism of the fans and the latest reactions of the president of the club, Orinson Amaya.

The chief of the purslane said in the last hours that the marathon It is a big team and they are not here to wait for results, clearly in an action to pressure their players and the coaching staff themselves.

before that, Solomon Nazar He has reacted in a calm and respectful way, he has remembered that in the green monster there are four years in which nothing is earned.

“We are working hard as always, seeing the commitment of the boys in each training session and hoping to play a good match against Olimpia and make the leap to place ourselves better in the table,” he said in the first instance.

“I spoke with the boys, they have worked hard in each training session and in each game and sometimes things don’t work out. Except in the game against Potros, where the team did not react well, we have done the rest, there has been sacrifice, ”he highlighted.

Then say. “These things sometimes take a bit of time, it’s a new team, a new coach, sometimes it’s lucky to start well but sometimes it costs more than normal and this is happening to us.”

Asked about the duel against the albos, where they will be thinking more about the duel against Atlas for Concacaf than about them, he assured that: “Olympia does not have substitutes, they have the best players in the country, undoubtedly, they have monopolized all of them, they have a good squad but that is not an excuse to be confident, so we are going to play regardless of the fact that they have matches against Atlas; They have top-level players.”

He asks the fans and management for patience

About the pressure exerted by the fans and Orinson Amaya himself, he argued. “There is always pressure, the coach goes to any team that depends a lot on the results, but we know what we are up to and what we are coming from and we are working based on that”

“The team has been in bad shape for four years and we have been trying to change that version, that has happened with Marathón, but sometimes it is difficult and requires a bit of time,” he says.

“I understand that the big teams always aspire to win the championships, but in the Marathon four years ago nothing was won. We have brought players and some may not be at their best, but the team will move forward, I have no doubts, “he said.

Did the board hire all the signings requested? They asked him. “Some yes, others the board had already planned to bring them, I do know them because I have followed their trajectory and some I have had in other teams as well. Unfortunately, some were injured at the beginning and it is costing them a bit but in the end they will give a plus and take the team forward”.

“We have moderately strengthened ourselves because this is not a super team, we must clarify it, it is not a super team like maybe Motagua or Olimpia, but we do have a good squad to compete”, continued Salomón Nazar.

About the lack of goal. “We have six strikers and it’s a bit difficult for us to define. We create scoring situations and we don’t define in the best way, but sometimes forwards go through a bad streak and that’s probably happening. The players are used to playing under the pressure of matches and especially in a big team like Marathón”

“No, not at all, we are still in the qualifying zone, there are teams that have also gone wrong, Motagua has just recovered, Real España the same, it is not an excuse but it has been a rather atypical championship. You have to make an effort to win and we are missing that”.

He was asked about what Orinson said that if he is not a champion, in the Marathon he is a failure. “The last champion was Olimpia, so all the big teams have failed… football is like that, there are those who prepare better, probably getting better players or higher quality reinforcements, but mine are good”.

He closed saying. “It is normal for a president to demand and that is the ultimate goal of any big team, to seek the final and win the title. I have the confidence that we are going to get up, there is a team to be in the final stages. Already in the league it is a different tournament and anything can happen, it is a new story because there is extra motivation to be in that space”.

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