Salud invites you to make a change regarding healthy eating – El Heraldo de Juarez

Maintaining a healthy diet has a variety of benefits in the short and long term, therefore, Dr. Daphne Santana Fernandez, Municipal Health ChiefCalled on the community to include more fruits and vegetables in their eating habits.

Officer explained that a balanced diet Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and healthy fatsHelp maintain ideal body weight.

This helps you reduce your intake of healthy foods Risk of obesity and diseases related to diabetes type 2,

The risk of heart diseaseBecause it helps maintain the levels of Cholesterol and blood pressure under control.

It is possible to maintain it with new habits sugar levels stable in the blood, which is necessary for Prevent and control diabetes.

Another advantage of A Healthy food is gastrointestinal health, Because a diet rich in fiber promotes the health of the digestive system and prevents problems like Reduces the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids, as well as colorectal cancer.

Strong bones and healthy skin These are also benefits of a balanced diet, as adequate calcium and vitamin D intake is essential for health. bone health.

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When Vitamin A and C, present in fruits and vegetables, may improve Skin health and prevents premature aging.

Finally, the official pointed out that it also helps in strengthening the immune system, because Essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals These present in a balanced diet help prevent diseases and speed up recovery.


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