Salvador Zerboni criticizes Natalia Alcocer’s body in LCDLF2; fans demand his departure

The controversy in “The House of Celebrities 2” grows and the rivalries become more and more evident between the teams whose members have not kept anything when throwing strong criticismas the most recent Salvador Zerboni to Natalia Alcocer for which the fans demanded her departure from the reality show.

The actor of “A que no me dejas” has been the target of controversy on more than one occasion for the negative comments about other LCDLF2 participants or celebrities outside of it, which is why Internet users have described it as “sexist” and “misogynist” demanding that he be left out or called out.

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His most recent comment managed to enrage fans on social networks, as he was surprised criticizing the figure of Natalia Alcocer in a conversation with Rafael Nieves and the model Daniella Navarro who did not hesitate to also speak about it, judging the alleged surgeries of the driver.

“What good is that to you when the rest of your body isn’t pretty,” Zerboni said of Alcocer’s alleged surgeries. The annoyance would have arisen when the also actress made him a recommendation to improve his physique, something that the actor said he did not need.

They ask for the departure of Salvador Zerboni

This is not Zerboni’s first negative comment to a celebrity, since recently Laura Bozzo recalled the legal dispute he had with Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto that was unleashed by the comments that the presenter made about the alleged infidelity to Geraldine Bazán when they were still married.

Zerboni attacked the Russian actress, assuring that “she has no talent” and no studies, showing annoyance at the talk of women to which Baeva would have been invited after being involved in a scandal due to the alleged infidelity of her now fiancé.

“But why would Irina represent a woman if she has no studies, no talent and no career, that is, she has appeared in two soap operas and that’s it, but… She is someone’s wife,” she said.

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He also lashed out angrily at Yvonne Monterobecause after the scandal that broke out when he confessed the secret romance he had for more than five years with Edward Rodriguezthe actress was captured in a romantic attitude with Lewis Mendoza.

Although it was all about an “English week” game, Zerboni assured that Montero had “looked bad” for kissing Mendoza. Something that earned her criticism on social networks, where they described her attitude as “macho” by ensuring that the actress is free to do what she wants.


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