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Six days after the end of the Government of Iván Duque, former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso plays his last card to be free after serving a 15-year sentence in the United States.

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As revealed by EL TIEMPO in August 2020, Several errors in his extradition request stopped him being sent to Colombia, where he still has outstanding debts with the law.

Mancuso application to USA 2

Salvatore Mancuso points out that he has been waiting for a deportation response for 28 months.

Nevertheless, the Duque administration, through its ambassador in Washington, interfered with ‘Mancuso”s trip to Italy and, since then, alias El Mono has remained in a migration detention center waiting for his legal situation to be determined.

According to a trade that has just settled in that country, completes 28 months in a kind of legal limbo, waiting for an administrative procedure to be resolved to find out if he is deportedexpelled or finally allowed to travel to Italy.

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“The 28 months of waiting for expulsion are unreasonable and unjustified in fact and in law,” says ‘Mancuso’ in his letter. And he adds that if he is sent to Colombia, he would risk paying even more jail time than he served in the United States.

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The 28-month waiting period for expulsion is unreasonable and unjustified in law and in fact.
-Salvatore Mancuso

And in your communication, It says that in the event that this new request fails, it is established that within a maximum period of 45 days, the situation will be resolved, this means, on September 19, 2022.

However, the US justice system assured that in the event that ‘Mancuso’ intends to request reparation from the court that is handling his case, they will oppose the appeal.

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The administrative and immigration proceedings have not yet concluded and the length of civil detention is due in large part to the pace of administrative proceedings that the defendants do not control.“, reads the document.

Y they oppose the request made by ‘Mancuso’ that their request be answered before September 19, 2022.

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