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light of Palace of Sports They walked out onto the stage, illuminating a white blanket covering a mysterious structure. A man wearing golden robes appeared from behind, and carefully The figure of a woman lying down appeared.

The pianist took his place at the top of the statue, while Sam Smith emerged from below singing “Stay with me.” This is how “Amor” began, the first act of the show of the “Gloria” tour, presented at the Palacio de los Deportes, bringing together more than 17 thousand people.

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it arrived immediately “I’m not the only one”, one of the most emotional songs in his repertoire. Seeing that his audience was singing loudly, the British could not help but smile. “Come on, strong,” he expressed between verses.

The applause did not stop, and although he tried to greet his audience, the emotion overcame Britain, who dropped the microphone and burst into tears., “It’s the best sound in the world”said the artist, who was celebrating his first visit Mexico in five years.

Kavita was also a part of this show: “You have my soul. Take this flower, take my heart”A note uttered while the artist was ready to sing “Excellent.”

The singer reappeared, wearing a white dress decorated with ruffles at the neck, matching her blonde hair. He interrupted from time to time to blow kisses to the audience, and Greet your fans from a distance.

When it came time to sing, the sad atmosphere turned sensual.diamondsSam went to the microphone at the front of the stage and started dancing, to the point of lying on the floor while doing provocative movements, which caused the audience to go crazy.

this block endedn “How Do You Sleep” and “Dance with a Stranger”To give way to Act II, “beauty”. “I’m ruined when I see you”He said in a poem playing in the background.

Wearing a long-sleeved silver dress, Sam returned to lead “kissing you”, one of the most sung songs of the night. “Do you like my dress?” he asked at the end to a volley of whistles and applause.

“While he was finishing “Gloria” (his fourth album, which gives the tour its name) I dreamed of this moment. It was a very different time in the world when I did it, We couldn’t do what we’re doing tonight together,” he added.

This speech was an introduction to introduce his friends Lucy Jules, Patrick and Jessie Reyes (who also open his concerts), who accompanied him on “Lay Me Down”, “Love Goes” and “Gimme”, respectively.

Sam said, “I missed them so much, it was the first time in my life I had stopped playing, and what I wanted most was to be around the people I love.”

With this final song, the energy of the place changed again, more like a club atmosphere. “Losing You”, “Promises”, “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”, “Latch” and “I Feel Love” They made this part of the show, which included “voguing”, kissing between their dancers, and even an erotic shirtless dance by Sam.

“I love you so much, Mexico City,” Sam said, ending the second segment, and paving the way for the grand finale with the third and final act of the night: “Sex.” “I am a goddess. Leave love at the door.” It’s just us tonight.”Recited the poem.

With “Gloria” in the background, and wearing a see-through robe, Sam took the stage again to begin his farewell. The singer took off her clothes, leaving only a black screen and fishnet stockings, as well as shoes and black ribbons on her nipples, she continued “human nature.”

Her dancers, who surrounded her dressed in black, held a corset decorated with gold details in the center. The first tunes of “Anholi” started playing.

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with Lamp RedThe venue became a kind of erotic hell, where “Satan” Sam Smith danced provocatively while flames illuminated the sculpture that accompanied him during his shows.

“Thank you very much Mexico City, I loved it tonight”he said while coming down stairs,


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