Sam Smith Reveals the Most Absurd Rumor He’s Heard About Himself: It’s Also Adele

There are certain theories on the Internet that only work because there are people with a lot of free time, both to create them and to believe them. One of them is the one that refers to Sam Smith, who has revealed this weekend that one of the most absurd rumors that he has heard about himself is that, in reality, it is not Sam Smith, but Adele dressed “in drag”.

The 30-year-old British artist has come to The Drew Barrymore Showa program in which the actress has interviewed him on the occasion of his last job, Glorywhich will be released on January 27. But at one point, and without talking about the album, Drew has read in one of the papers that he had prepared with questions for the musician.

“Oh! The craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself!” Reads the presenter, to which Smith does not even have to think too much: “Everyone seems to think I’m Adele.” After the first laughs from the audience, he points out: “In [traje de] drag”.”

Sam Smith and Harry Styles.

“It’s just that we’ve never been in the same room together at the same time”, Smith added to the laughter of the spectators and the astonishment of Barrymore. The singer of songs like I’m not the only one either stay with me He has also added the proof that he has found on the Internet as a scientific method to confirm the theory.

“If you slow down his voice, it sounds a bit like mine maybe, so people think we’re the same person… And that I’m dressed in drag right now,” ends joking Smith, who can’t contain her laughter at the absurdity of the idea.

The most curious thing is that this idea is one of the most widespread on the Internet and there are many videos from recent years proving how similar their voices are. when you slow them down on their respective vinyl records and videos about the symmetries of their faces.

Still, given Adele’s residency in Las Vegas, it’s unlikely she’s had time to promote a new album like her apparent alter-ego Sam Smith, so the theory would be disproven.

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