Samantha Dagnino scores in rising stars contest

taps samantha dagnino opening act, called a competition to open a prestigious mega-concert with established pop rock stars in New York. The Venezuelan singer and her project SorryNotSorry appear in the top 15 with the most votes among the 15,000 applicants who registered, swinging between first and third place as the voting progresses. It is the biggest competition of its kind for budding artists. The winner will be announced in September, when the selection process closes, which will be done online and via Facebook. concert in progress we can surviveAn annual show that takes place in large capacity venues, has been attended by music stars such as Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette, Coldplay, Garbage and Billie Eilish, to mention a few of those who have participated in previous editions.

This event, which is looking for a beginner in music who, due to the consistency and originality of his proposal, deserves to be a beginner in this concert of superstars, organized by Audacity, the leading entertainment platform in its field Is. Brings together America’s most relevant brands of premium radio and digital content. Name of opening act (inaugural act), refers to an expression that in English is synonymous with the opening act in Spanish. In addition, the winner will receive a cash compensation of $10,000, in addition to opening their music to a star-studded lineup in a large stadium. spectacle of we can survive This is always done for the benefit of the American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide, an organization that promotes initiatives and preventive strategies against this cause of death, whose rates are certainly high in the United States.

Samantha Dagnino’s connection to music is part of her DNA. The daughter of musician Pablo Dagnino (ex-Sentimiento Muerto, Los Pixels) and chef Helena Ibarra (former manager of Sentimiento Muerto), as a child she went to recording studios to see how her father’s records were made, which Over time and after learning, this inspired her to create her own productions and venture into other aspects of the entertainment world in which she sings, dances, produces, directs and acts .

The artist, who has developed a versatile career at the age of 35, constantly promotes her involvement on her Instagram account (@samanthadagnino) opening act, The idea is that followers and music lovers vote for their SorryNotSorry proposal via the following link:

“This opportunity could change my life and my career,” he admits. As part of which is certainly very difficult, to survive and stand in a country that is not yours.”

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