Sami Sheen defends his body after opening an account on OnlyFans: now he creates adult content

A few days ago the eldest daughtere Charlie Sheen and Denise RichardsSami Sheen, announced through Instagram that an OnlyFans account had been opened and has now organized a brief QA through this same social network so that the world begins to know her a little better.

Unfortunately, this has exposed her to the ever-fearsome trolls, but she has proven that her parents don’t have to worry about her in her new career as an adult content creator Because she knows how to defend herself.

Sami has masterfully dealt with a malicious comment asking her if she thinks she has the right body to make a living selling her photos and videos on the subscription service.

Yes I believe it. You don’t have to have a certain figure type to get naked. The only important thing is to make sure you feel comfortable with what you post and remember that all bodies are beautiful.“, I have answered. To finish making it clear that nothing and no one will undermine her self-confidence, she has added a photo of herself eating pizza.

Sami has also wanted to satisfy the curiosity of his followers by confirming that his mother was not lying when a few days ago she assured through a public statement that she respected the professional decision she had made. “My mother supports me a lot,” he said. Of whom he has not said anything has been his father, who has made it clear that he does not have his approval.

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