Samsung Display will soon begin volume production of QD-OLED panels: news in sight at CES

There is very interesting news from South Korea regarding new technologies for TVs and monitors. In fact, next November 30 Samsung Display should start there volume production of the new QD-OLED panels in cuts from 34, 55 and 65 inches.

Samsung: QD-OLED products coming to CES

2022 should therefore see the launch of the new technology in the range, both on monitors (the 34-inch panel) and on televisions (55 and 65 inches). The stage of the CES 2022 it should be the one chosen by Samsung Electronics for the launch.

QD-OLED the acronym that indicates the new generation of OLED panels, in which it organic-based emissive layer emits in the blue region and are used Quantum Dot nanomaterials for converting and emitting red and green pixels. Compared to ‘filtered light’ technologies, the use of Quantum Dot technology for color conversion should ensure greater efficiency and ensure high levels of brightness, even in colors at full saturation.

According to the report, the current production capacity of Samsung Display is around 30,000 panels per month, but potentially can reach one million pieces per year. Also from the report it is clear that one of the problems represented by yields, even initially equal to a third: the figure is constantly improving. In any case, Samsung’s plans regarding QD-OLED products will also depend on the reception they will have on the market.

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