Samsung will introduce a special edition Galaxy Z Flip6 with AI to nearly 17,000 athletes at the Paris 2024 Games.

For the first time, medalists will be able to take selfies on the podium using this smartphone.


Samsung Electronics, a World Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games since Nagano ’98 and Turin 2006, will donate the Olympic version of its Galaxy Z Flip6 smartphone, equipped with the brand’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to nearly 17,000 athletes competing in this summer’s 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

The new Olympic edition for Paris 2024 is the first ever to feature Galaxy AI. Designed to enhance the athletes’ experience during the Games from the moment they arrive in Paris, Samsung’s latest product is available to athletes for the first time ahead of its official launch.

The Galaxy Z Flip6, which will be delivered to Olympians and Paralympians starting July 18, will also take center stage at the Olympics as the first Olympic edition to feature prominently on the podium.

This version of the new Galaxy Z Flip6 comes in a vibrant yellow color and features the Olympic and Paralympic rings with the Agitos logo in gold. To personalize the phone, Samsung partnered with Parisian luxury brand Berluti, which also designed the official suits of the French team for the opening ceremony, to create an exclusive Flipsuit case that will accompany each device.

Each Flipsuit case, crafted from Venetian leather, is coated with a unique patina layer, the color scheme of which is inspired by the Olympic rings.

“Samsung has been pushing the boundaries of mobile technology in support of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and their athletes for nearly three decades. We are excited to see how our technologies empower athletes during the Games like never before, from creating connections to sharing and capturing lifelong memories during your time in Paris and beyond,” said Stephanie Choi, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has unveiled the latest addition to the Galaxy lineup to Paris 2024 athletes ahead of its official launch, as Galaxy AI technology plays a critical role in accelerating a new era of communication, productivity and creativity on smartphones.


The Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition includes a number of useful innovations to help athletes discover new experiences during competition, such as the Live Translation feature, which translates phone calls directly on the device in real time into 16 different languages.

It also acts as a translator, instantly translating conversations, allowing athletes to communicate with other athletes and volunteers while still talking face-to-face thanks to the phone’s exclusive dual screen.

The Composer feature helps you write emails and social media posts in apps using simple keywords, while the Instant Slow-mo feature allows athletes to record, share and analyze their performance in slow motion, making it easier for them to improve their technique.

Photo Assistant allows athletes to always get the perfect shot by changing the size, position or even removing unwanted objects in photos.

To make it easier for athletes to use their phone during their time in Paris and elsewhere, every Olympic edition of the Galaxy Z Flip6 will come with a 100GB eSIM for 5G data, created in partnership with Orange, and a two-year global warranty from Samsung.

In addition, to stay up-to-date with the latest competition schedules and navigate Olympic venues with ease, several official International Olympic Committee (IOC) apps will be pre-loaded, such as Athlete 365, Olympic Shop, Paris 2024, Transport Accred App and directly from the IOC.

Through Samsung Wallet, it will also come with a pre-installed in-app pass for free drinks at vending machines located throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Village, created in collaboration with global partner The Coca-Cola Company, as well as a free card for unlimited access to public transport, in collaboration with Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), so they can enjoy exploring Paris and its surroundings.


To bring fun and personalisation to the athletes, every Olympic edition of the Galaxy Z Flip6 will include a suite of interactive apps themed around Paris 2024, including PinQuest and Galaxy Experience for collecting and sharing real and digital badges during the Games; Olympic Go, the official Olympic game; and Galaxy Skateboard, a new game featuring the Frigs, the Paris 2024 mascots.

Standing on the Olympic and Paralympic podium during the awards ceremony and living out a lifelong dream is one of the most emotional and memorable moments an athlete can experience.

Traditionally photographed only by accredited media, as athletes are prohibited from carrying personal items, Samsung will, for the first time in Olympic and Paralympic history, give you the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition to take a selfie on the Paris 2024 podium.

Samsung’s dedicated technology will display and categorize athletes’ selfies by sport and upload them to Athlete365 in real-time, allowing athletes to capture and share their most special moments with family and fans.

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