Samsung will no longer produce Smart LED TVs

Big changes coming to the market for Smart TV, perhaps as early as 2022: from Taipei, home of the highly respected online newspaper DigiTimes, comes the news that Samsung is about to dispose of the production lines of LCD TV panels to focus on producing sunshine OLED TV. At the moment, we remind you, Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of Smart TVs made with both technologies.

If the news were to be confirmed, then, as early as next year Samsung could begin to focus only on the more expensive OLED televisions, leaving the cheaper LED-LCDs to eastern competitors. Competitors, however, among which there is yet another very prestigious TV producer: LG. The other Korean company, in fact, just like Samsung has both a range of LCD TVs and an OLED range (which is about to renew in 2022, by the way). No specific details, however, on the fate of the production line of Samsung TV with mini LED technology (which, technically, is the top of LED technology).

Samsung Smart TV: Goodbye to LEDs?

According to DigiTimes, which in turn reports rumors gathered by Chosun, Samsung Display Corporation (SDC) has decided to exit the market for LCD TV panels and discontinue production. The disused production lines will be replaced by others of the 6G OLED type, capable of producing small and medium screens.

SDC has already divested part of the LCD panel machinery from its factory L8-1, replacing them with equipment to produce panels of OLED Quantum Dot. At the moment the production capacity in this factory would amount to approx 1 million TVs Quantum Dot OLEDs of 55 and 65 inches (the diagonals most requested by customers).

Furthermore, Samsung Display would be dealing with the sale of LCD production lines to the Chinese BOE Technology And China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT). The latter is owned by TCL, one of the oriental brands that is registering the greatest growth in the Smart TV market and which is focusing on Premium LED TV.

What is not known at the moment, however, is whether the decommissioning of the production lines will take place in all Samsung plants, or only in the L8-1 factory. It is known, however, that Samsung had already announced the farewell to the LCD market in November 2020, with plans to sell the equipment by March 2021.

One year after that announcement, now we are talking about Samsung’s exit from the LCD market.

Samsung Smart TV: fully OLED

Also according to what reported by DigiTimes, finally, since there would be unused space inside the factory L8-1 Samsung would already be working to add a new OLED production line. It is not known, however, whether it will produce normal OLED panels, or OLED Quantum Dot.

In recent days, Samsung Display has launched a new site called OLED ERA, a showcase for the OLED displays produced by the company. On the site, in addition to showing future foldable OLED screens, Samsung praises OLED technology by comparing it with the LCD (which at the moment, however, still produces).

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