San José Unified School District Will Not Quarantine Students Exposed to COVID-19 – NBC Bay Area

The San Jose Unified School District will begin implementing new guidelines related to COVID-19.

Authorities explained that now students and teachers, whether or not they are vaccinated, will not have to be quarantined if they are exposed to a person infected with the deadly virus, as long as they do not present symptoms.

The school district has been implementing this change for months, but only with vaccinated students and those who were exposed in class.

“The good thing is that with the COVID-19 that we have now, it spreads rapidly and those who are exposed and are going to contract COVID-19 have symptoms or test positive within a very short time between 3-5 days, so it is not necessary that stay home for 10 days,” said Katie Rodríguez, administrator of Health Services.

Likewise, they still recommend the use of a face mask and a COVID-19 test after being exposed.

With spring break approaching, the district distributed tests to students in an effort to prevent outbreaks of the virus after school returned.

“We are sending a test to each student so that they can use it during spring break or before they return to school,” Rodríguez said.

According to the district, the change will be implemented as cases decline and more people get vaccinated.

Health experts, however, say the numbers in the Bay are going up a bit, which means it could be the start of a new outbreak.

The changes will be implemented starting April 18 at all schools in the school district.

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