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San Marcos University held today the third day of the Structured Objective Clinical Examination (OSCE), through which the clinical and personal (social, interpersonal) competencies of internal human medicine students who will opt for the professional degree are evaluated.

This third date was developed with the participation of Dr. Jeri Ramón, rector of the university, who visited the stations where interns are evaluated, the Center for Simulation and Learning and the Postgraduate Unit, accompanied by the academic vice-rector of Undergraduate, Doctor Carlos Cabrera; and doctor Luis Podestá, dean of the faculty.

In the OSCE, which began on February 16 and continues until February 18, seven dynamic stations and one static station were deployed, each lasting 20 minutes to assess skills related to history taking, physical examination, data interpretation laboratory and imaging, diagnosis, treatment, clinical skills for procedures, promotion/prevention and doctor-patient relationship.

Clinical cases were built from the areas of medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergencies and care at the first level of care.

The OSCE of Human Medicine was organized by a test committee led by Dr. Ana Delgado, director of the Professional School of Human Medicine, and Eva Miranda, head of the Center for Simulation and Learning, a support body that offered technical assistance. for test design.

The methodology developed for this OSCE was shared with the evaluation teaching team, who built the scenarios, clinical cases, evaluation instruments and scripts for standardized patients in their respective specialty, with which the exam stations were designed and implemented.

The face-to-face ECOE of Human Medicine 2022 represents an academic, technological and emotional challenge for our students and teachers. “It is a valuable training experience that demonstrates the commitment of teachers and students. This academic achievement puts our Professional School of Human Medicine at the forefront of educational innovation in the country,” said spokesmen for the “San Fernando” faculty.

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