Sandra Bullock, a successful millionaire actress who conquers the ‘Forbes’ list





Throughout the more than three decades that Sandra Bullock has passed in front of the cameras, the actress has managed to pocket her good money as queen of comedy. Her good work negotiating contracts and being good foresight has also led her to join the ‘Forbes’ list of the richest self-made women in the United States 2022. The movie star is number 96 in the ranking with a estimated fortune, according to the aforementioned publication, of just over 216 million euros.

It is due to her successful career in the world of celluloid, in recent years as queen of Netflix. The last two works that she has done, ‘Imperdonable’ and ‘A blind’ have had a lot of pull among the subscribers of the platform.

In addition it is a prolific producer with great recognitions such as ‘Miss special agent’.

As if that were not enough, Bullock has been able to negotiate his contracts like a charm. To give an example, in ‘Gravity’ he took 15% of the benefits of the film plus the salary agreed before the recording. In total, it was made with about 72 million euros for that work.

In personal life, Bullock is happily in love with the photographer Bryan Randall after a stormy marriage to television personality Jesse James, who was unfaithful to her on several occasions. She has two children.

The actress joins the list headed by Diana Hendricks, owner of the company ABC Suply, along with six other newcomers. Among them: the British businesswoman Emma Green, fashion designer Paige Mycoskie and Betsy Cohen, current president of the investment company FinTech Masala. The latter was one of the first female CEOs of banks in the United States. Also the entrepreneur Lucy Guoco-founded the technology company Scale AI in 2016.

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