Sandra Bullock and her best photos of her eternal youth

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    Is there anyone I don’t know? Sandra Bullock? Surely the members of the Sentinel tribe who live far from civilization on an island in India and the last missionary who went there left him fried with arrows. Maybe your grandmother doesn’t either. And perhaps not a generation of young people who in recent years may not have seen her in the wonderful space odyssey that is Gravity or they overlooked the tremendous hit on Netflix that was Blindly.

    For them, for you and for anyone who has come to this article for whatever reason (like in Las Vegas, what happens at Esquire stays at Esquire) these lines are the wonderful photos that await you after them. Because Bullock is a lot of Bullock. Did you know that she is the only actress to have won an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year? How do you read it?

    In 2010 won her first and only Academy Award for Best Actress for A possible dream, but he also won the anti-Oscar for his role in all about stevealongside Bradley Cooper. “See it, see it with your own eyes and say if I deserve this award. They will agree with me and next year I will return it,” she said when she went so hot to collect the award.

    In addition to having a sense of humor, beauty, two children and the considerable fortune that I have given him to be the highest-paid actress in Hollywood for several years, Sandra hides other curiosities. For example, she has created special seat belts for her two puppies, she made her debut singing opera at the age of five with her mother, a German soprano, and she is so generous that she has donated several million dollars to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders. In addition, she does not have social networks simply because she claims that she is too lazy to open an Instagram account.

    Now that you know Sandra Bullock a little better and we are very sorry that she decided to take a break after filming bullet train together with Brad Pitt, we will remember her with his best images of youth… and a final bonus for you to prove that you have found the secret of eternal youth.

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His first series, Sparks

You probably don’t remember, but after a few small roles in film and television, his first series as a protagonist came for Sandra Bullock in 1990. It was an adaptation of the film Women’s Weapons which starred Harrison Ford. It is normal that it does not sound familiar to you because only eight episodes were recorded.

Curiously, the actress has not been seduced by television like many other stars and since then has only appeared at the beginning of the century in The George Lopez show.


Guess the movie…

“Sandra Bullock, early ’90s.” Once again Getty Images leaves us hanging. Um, let’s see… did you know that the actress loves horses despite the fact that she is highly allergic to them? Well now you know.

In one of his many mythical phrases in Seinfeld, George Costanza said that “I would cover myself with velvet if it were socially acceptable”. Well, they’ve eaten your toast, Jorgito.

His performances in movies like Demolition Man Y what a pair of friends, both shot in 1993, began to make him popular. But she didn’t achieve the stardom that seemed inevitable for her until…


The bus that couldn’t slow down

Initially called “The Glass Jungle on a bus”, Speedthe action classic from Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock became an instant hit, catapulting them both to superstardom.

By the way, in this image the actress is taking the bus driver test in Los Angeles as part of the film’s promotion.

“Knows how to listen. And that drives people crazy. Much”. Those words were dedicated by the actress to her partner in Speed, in the interview where we tried to discover the true meaning of Keanu Reeves. Spoiler alert: EVERYONE raves about him.


With Adam Sandler at the 94th MTV Awards

Sandra Bullock shot the 1996 film Time to kill Along with Matthew McConaughey, with whom he then began a romantic relationship that lasted four years. Something understandable if we consider that he is the coolest guy on the planet.

This photo of Sandra Bullock with John Travolta belongs to a convention organized by NATO in which both received awards for their careers. Among the jokes that the actress told while she received the award was one, the one that she cited as future aspirations “to wear more than one dress in a movie”, in reference to Speed.

The actress, wearing great hair at the 1996 Oscars. That was the great year of Mel Gibson and his brave heartwhich took five statuettes.


your biggest regret

Although the first film Speed helped launch Sandra’s career, she totally regrets shooting the sequel three years later. While Keanu turned down to go on tour with her (smart guy) band, the actress starred in a movie that in her opinion “doesn’t make sense: slow boat, going slowly to an island. I wish I hadn’t done it.”

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