Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and the 50+ celebs who know how to keep their style stunning

Some celebrities of Hollywood They have left us beauty lessons by showing off a stunning figure and an enviable style to their more than 50 years.

They have stressed that age is not an impediment to losing beauty and always shine fashion without falling into vulgarbecause if there is something they have maintained over the years, it is their elegance and their good taste when dressing.

Celebrities who maintain impeccable style

Sandra Bullock

At every event or red carpet you step on Sandra Bullock exudes elegance, glamor and style wearing nothing more than compliments and compliments.

to their 57 years it seems that the years have not passed by her, but have repowered her beauty.

Nicole Kidman

The actress remains as one of the most beautiful women of the industry with her slender figure, her blonde hair and porcelain face.

Kidman to his 55 years stands out for his good taste for fashionso she always wears an outfit according to each occasion without scratching the vulgar or old-fashioned.

Jennifer Aniston

Talking about Aniston is talking about fashion, style and beauty. Since she became famous with the series friends, It is a fashion reference.

With 53 years It usually shows through its social networks the different Beauty treatments that she uses to keep herself perfect.

Halle Berry

Berry She is one of the actresses who has managed to look like she is 20 despite her 55 yearswith its sporty but elegant style for events that deserve it.

The famous is a lover of boxing, functional workouts and the running.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The protagonist of ‘Sex in New York’, bears the mark of his irreverent style Every where I go.

Sarah manages to set trends either with a mix of prints, powerful colors, daring necklines and even with his shoe collection that even exceeds that of his character.

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