Sandra Bullock retires from acting; she suffers from syndrome

Last April, after premiering the tape “Lost Cityfilmed in the Dominican Republic, the outstanding actress Sandra Bullock declared his decision to withdraw from the performance for a while.

“I need to be in the place that makes me happiest. I want to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with my babies and my family”he explained in an interview.

Three months later he has spoken again of his withdrawal. Film and television actress, director and producer born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, with blockbuster films such as “Miss Congeniality”, “Ocean’s 8” and “Gravity” and even an Oscar for Best Actress for “The Blind Side” (A possible dream), moves away from Hollywood.

The reason is because of a syndrome that he suffers from. Its about Burnout syndrome either Professional Burnout Syndromeaccording to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He stated that his emotional and physical conditions are not adequate to continue with his work. “I don’t want to be beholden to anyone’s schedule but my own. I am so burned. I’m so tired and I’m not capable of making smart healthy decisions and I know it,” she explained.

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Sandra Bullock during the premiere of The Lost City. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

She appreciated the opportunities that have made her have a solid career in Hollywood and be one of the most beloved actresses thanks to her comedic roles.

“Work has always been constant for me and I’ve been very lucky, but I realized that it was possibly becoming my crutch. It was like opening a fridge all the time and looking for something that was never there.”commented when explaining that her daily routine left her little time to spend with her children, Louis and Laila Bullock, and her husband Bryan Randall.

Collect the magazine Who that at the moment the actress does not know if she will return to the cinema soon because she will still analyze if this is a withdrawal temporary or permanent. “If I decide to retire, then I will make that announcement. A very important announcement that nobody will care”he concluded.

The health medium Asepeyo.es defines the Burnout syndrome or syndrome of being burnt out as the response that a worker gives when he perceives the difference between his own ideals and the reality of his working life. It develops, generally, in the professions of help and frequent social interrelation.

Currently, burnout syndrome is understood as an inadequate way of responding to chronic work stress, presenting a series of negative behaviors and feelings towards the people with whom the worker contacts on a daily basis, as well as the feeling of feeling exhausted emotionally.

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