Sandra Bullock’s great look on her big farewell night with her “friend forever” Channing Tatum

Stunning look of the actress at the premiere of The lost City, in London. At 57 years old, Sandra announced a few days ago that she was retiring from the cinema because she wanted to dedicate herself to her two children, Laila and Louis. This Thursday, March 31, she has posed as a star with her partner Channing Tatum in what will be her last premiere before that temporary goodbye.

It was his big night. Sandra Bullock captured all the flashes at the premiere of The lost City in London. The actress was outshone by the great look, but above all because this premiere meant her goodbye to the photocall carpets. A few days ago Sandra announced that she was temporarily retiring from the cinema. At 57 years old, she thus hangs up her career to dedicate herself body and soul to her children.

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With her hair loose, with perfectly defined curls and a look by Carolina Herrera, the actress posed for the graphics lifting her double-breasted jacket with tricolor train detail, fuchsia, red and purple. It is a black tailored suit, which she has incorporated that party touch of bright colors (3,610 euros).

Next to Bullock was his fellow protagonist, channing tatum. They both get along great. So much so that they have publicly declared that they are “friends forever”.

The history of their friendship does not go back to a film set, but to the school of their respective daughters. There, in the director’s office, they met due to a fight between their little ones and that good vibes were born there. Both are divorced: Sandra, from Jessie G. James; and her dear friend Jenna Dewan. Will something else come up between them?


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