Sandra Bullock’s reaction after her “face to face” scene with Channing Tatum’s private parts

On April 22, the film will hit theaters in Spain ‘The lost City’whose protagonists are two great faces of Hollywood as Sandra Bullock and channing tatumwho have shown to have very good chemistry.

And it is that this film mixes two areas that both actors dominate perfectly, comedy and action, and that is why it is expected to have great success on the big screen. Of course, not everything has been easy for them, because the 57-year-old actress wanted to talk about a scene that has been somewhat more complicated than the rest, and it is when Channing Tatum appears naked and with leeches all over his body.

“I was walking around the set with a bunch of leeches super glued to my ass and I hadn’t met everyone yet, so I was like, ‘Hey. I will be naked. My name is Chan. This is what it is’. Then, Sandra Bullock had a two page monologue with a certain part of my body”, Tatum previously commented in an interview.

Now, Bullock has been the one who has spoken about this scene, and has done so on the show ‘Stephen Colbert’s Late Show’, where he gave his version of that moment. “He was right in front of me, squarely, face to face with everything in sight. I had to spend some time there just to make sure there were no leeches. He had a lot to say about it, ”she began by explaining.

His method to stay focused

The presenter did not hesitate to ask him how he reacted and how he kept his concentration: “Let’s say that honestly I did not realize. Chen you’re down there and you have two pages of dialogue, if you look at it directly, you go blank. I looked at her left thigh. I had to look down where it might be, but I focused more on the left inner thigh.”

The actress has also become news these days after confessing that she will move away from cinema and acting for a while to pay more attention to her family and children, louis and Laila.

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