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Also starring Daniel Radcliffe, ‘The Lost City’ features an epic jungle adventure of a romance writer and the model for the cover of her latest book.

Sandra Bullock announced this week that he will be taking a break from his career after the premiere of The lost Citythe new film in which he stars alongside channing tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. But, before leaving the spotlight to dedicate herself to the facet of her mother, the beloved actress has been participating in several interviews to promote the action comedy that hits theaters next April 13th. And his statements have not left anyone indifferent.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bullock told what was the most delicate scene to shoot: the one in which his character rips leeches out of Tatum’s butt. Yes, as you read. The Oscar winner for The Blindside admitted to having resorted to a trick to not let his colleague’s vulnerable position interfere with his performance.

“He’s stupidly naked in the movie,” Bullock joked, explaining that no CGI was used to recreate the star’s buttocks. Magic Mike. “[Estoy] totally there [en la escena]face to face with the landscape… I had to spend some time ‘down there’ to make sure there were no more leeches,” says the actress.

For his part, the presenter recalled that, in the scene in question, the protagonist reacts with some surprise when seeing Tatum’s forehead, as if the character were “well endowed”. “Or maybe it was the other way around,” defended the actress, always in a good mood. And she added:

Honestly, I didn’t realize that. When you’re ‘down there’ and you have two pages of dialogue, if you look at it directly, you can’t do anything. So I kept looking at his left thigh, the crease between ‘that area’ and his thigh.

A promotional video for the film directed by brothers Aaron and Adam Nee reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the leech scene. In it, Tatum, who had to hide his private parts with a sock, exposed his version of the story: “Walking onto the set with a bunch of leeches stuck to my butt without meeting everyone was like… OK. I’m going to undress. My name is Chan today.” Of course, the worst thing for the well-known actor was having to be in that situation in front of an actress like Bullock.

And it wasn’t just that. Having Sandra Bullock do a two-page monologue about a certain part of my body… It was hell.


Produced by Bullock The lost City follows the brilliant but lonely Loretta Sage, a disgruntled middle-aged author who writes adventure novels centered around a fictional hero named Dash, played by cover model Alan Caprison (Tatum). During a tour with the latter to promote her latest book, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire that he believes that the “lost city” described by the author is real and that he knows where it is.

However, her tour partner will do anything to save her and prove that it is possible to be a hero in real life – and not just on the pages of books. Forced to face an epic journey through the jungle, the two must work together to survive and find the ancient treasure before it’s too late.

The lost City hits theaters on April 13.

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